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Looking for a daytime room for a few hours ?
day stay in a hotel room, a meeting room for the afternoon, an office space or a coworking space by the hour.

dayuse meeting room work coworking
For a meeting

A meeting room for rent by the hour or for the day. Book the most suitable meeting room for: team meetings, presentations, client or business meetings, job interviews, team offsites, consultations or therapy, workshops, trainings, conferences, seminars, board meeting, videoconferencing.

dayuse relax hotel room daycation break
In transit

Book a hotel room for a few hours for a day stay near the airport, railway station or harbor to wait comfortably while you're in transit: delay or cancellation of your flight / train, before the start of your cruise or during a layover of several hours.

dayuse hotel room relax daycation break
Relax and take a break

Booking in a hotel for the day: day-use hotel for a few hours to enjoy a hotel room in the morning, afternoon, evening or all day. In the daytime hotel you will also enjoy the spa, the gym, the swimming pool and the restaurant with more privacy.

dayuse meeting room work coworking
To work

Rent a workspace by the hour easily and at the last minute: day hotel room, private office space, coworking space, shared office space, or original workspace for a private phone calls, individual work, photoshoots, job interviews with all the necessary equipment to work efficiently.