The humans behind Beewake

Beewake allows you to find workspaces to work, meet and relax for a couple of hours or the entire day in coworking spaces, meeting rooms and hotel rooms to be productive when you work remotely.

Sébastien and Jérémie have been friends for more than twenty years and they were already active in the playground at school. Twenty years later, after working in different countries and industries, they decided to partner together and created Beewake in association with Gabriel Munch Andersen, friend and colleague.

Sébastien and Jeremie worked for large corporations where they frequently worked outside their offices and had to book coworking spaces or meeting rooms. They realized that it was difficult to find workspaces because it was time consuming and nearly impossible to reserve an online space.

Beewake revolutionizes the way people work and meet by making spaces more accessible, opening up more opportunities for business travelers, local businesses and supplier spaces.

Beewake brings people and spaces closer together.