We believe at Beewake that the agility and flexibility of a company are keys to its success.

Our mission

We believe that people's well-being and the feelings of freedom and trust stimulate their creativity and enable them to achieve great things.

Beewake offers a Flex-Office solution as a SAAS service particularly suited to new forms of organization based on well-being, agility, flexibility and productivity.

We are indeed convinced that the flexibility of workspaces should no longer be an advantage reserved for certain employees but is a necessity that applies to everyone.

Beewake offers a platform that allows your employees to book flexible workspaces anytime anywhere. We also built a technology that help Startups, SMEs and large corporations manage their growing remote workforce.

The issues - The context:

  • More than 75% of big corporation employees want to work remotely in the US
  • telecommuting = working outside the company office space (not only work from home)
  • improving the well-being of employees and increasing their productivity remains a priority for all managers
  • optimizing real estate management and the use of its premises for greater efficiency and better controlling costs remains a priority for the company.
  • increase the attractiveness of his company / reduce turnover / reduce absenteeism are at the heart of HR concerns

Current brakes:

  • Tools and processes available today for companies are not designed to manage those new models of agile and flexible organizations
  • managers' reluctance to change management methods
  • constraint of telework at home (problem of conformity of the employee's home to telecommute ...)
  • more generally there are no tools to easily manage the mobility of employees
  • There are no tools to optimally manage the premises of a company

The Beewake solution :

  • Flex-office solution as a subscription
  • Enables your employees to find a workspace suited to their needs in the right place, at the right time (whether on your company premises, coworking or corpoworking spaces, outdoor meeting rooms, their own home if eligible , third-places etc ...)
  • suitable solution for all types of nomadic employees: consultants, sales, teleworkers, Exec. / Top Management, IT Dev ...
  • Allows you to adjust your workspace needs in real time / no commitment vs. a conventional lease.
  • Centralized billing
  • "Plug and play" solution
  • 100% customized solution + 100% controlled costs