1 Million for Work Flexibility and Beewake

Today, we are thrilled to announce that both Beewake and 1 Million for Work Flexibility have decided to partner together to promote and help flexibility at work.

1 Million for Work Flexibility is the first national initiative to create a collective voice in support of work flexibility while Beewake is a platform allowing business travelers, small businesses, freelancers and startup owners to be flexible by renting hourly and daily workspaces such as a coworking spaces and meeting rooms as they need it without any membership.

Beewake also helps corporations to manage their mobile workforce with its product called Beewake for Business.

Flexible jobs, or jobs that can be done remotely, are very common today. A recent Gallup survey found that 43% of American employees spend at least some time working remotely ; also interesting to notice that 82% of millennials said they are more loyal to their employer if they have flexible work options.

Employees have plenty of things to cause them stress and employers need to help workers with it ; decreased productivity is just one indication of employee stress—companies also need to watch out for increased turnover and poor customer service.

To be more flexible, many corporations are using Beewake to offer more flexibility at work allowing employees to work from the office as well as coworking spaces located close to their home.

To support this change, corporations can search and find workspaces such as coworking spaces, private offices and meeting room rentals on-demand and no commitment. All our workspaces offer super fast internet, convenient locations and for many of them great amenities such complimentary printing, natural light or beverages.

There’re so many reasons to use Beewake for : presentation, individual work, class/workshop, team meeting, client meeting or small event !

In New York City for example, we invite you to check our website or app to search and book workspaces all over New York City, from the Midtown to Financial District and even in Brooklyn. When you need to recharge, collaborate, work, meet or even relax, be sure to check Beewake.



You may found more information about 1 Million for Work Flexibility by clicking on the logo below