Coworking is the future of work

Beewake makes employees and employers happy with our team solution Beewake for Business, allowing employees to be productive.

People are always on the go, working and meeting from different places everyday in different cities and with our business solution, you will offer them so much by allowing them to work from everywhere : inside and outside of the office and give them freedom.

Beewake brings happier employees to your workplace, happier employees means more productive team members to your corporation.

In just a few taps, your employees can book workplaces for the day, whether they need to work, meet or collaborate in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and many more cities.


Human resources manager, director of operations can manage their remote team very easily with Beewake for Business. Our dashboard offers a complete view of your workspace activity.

By allowing your employees to work outside of office from coworking spaces and conference rooms , you will bring to your team creativity as well as productivity.
Coworking spaces are perfect places to spark new ideas and meet like-minded people.

Embrace productivity in your workplace with Beewake for Business and make your workspaces creative change of pace is good for everyone.