Coworking space Chicago

Chicago, situated on the coast of lake Michigan, is the urban centre of vast swathes of the United States. People all the way from Ohio to Minnesota call it their regional capital, and not without good reason. Chicago is the largest city in the Midwestern United States, a title that it earned as a major trading power between the East and West coasts. A coworking space in Chicago, then, brings together people from both quite separate sides of the the US, making it the best city in America to host your coworking sessions with colleagues from both sides of the continent.

The phenomenon of the shared workspace has come to Chicago! We currently have eight coworking spaces in Chicago, with more than one hundred workstations in total. These coworking offices in Chicago can be found all around the centre of the city. From coworking spaces near Lincoln Park, to the Near South Side, we can put you in a coworking space anywhere in Chicago’s centre. The coworking space in Chicago, offers a graceful solution to those who need somewhere to work in the city, but not all the time. Shared office space in Chicago allows you the flexibility to come and go as you please, paying only for the time you spend at work. This kind of arrangement is ideal for those who move around a lot, not spending all their time in one city. Perhaps you need to work one day in New York, but the next day in Chicago, coworking has got you covered. You can rent a desk in a coworking space by the hour, rather than having two monthly office rentals at the same time. 

The city of Chicago

Chicago, as the largest city in the Midwest by a long way, benefits from a huge array of transport connections to the East coast, and to the interior of the continental United States. It’s airport O’Hare International is a major hub for the northern American continent, with short haul flights to most of America and Canada’s most important cities. The city is also the epicentre of a giant rail network stretching from Maine all the way to San Diego, making it the door from the East Coast to the rest of the country. A coworking space in Chicago will put you within arm’s reach of all these resources. To get you from just about anywhere you could care to think of, into your Coworking Space in Chicago. Chicago’s positioning in the US also makes it a great melting pot of ideas, where East meets West. This puts at your disposal interactions with a great diversity of people, and a free exchange of ideas. And there’s no better way to meet these people and pick their brains than in a coworking space in Chicago. You could be working shoulder to shoulder with somebody with a completely new mindset, which will open you up to new ideas, ultimately making you more productive. All this is made possible by the phenomenon of the shared workspace in Chicago. 

Coworking is hot stuff right now, and coworking spaces are popping up left, right and centre, in the US and worldwide. So what, then, is coworking? Coworking is a phenomenon which helps people to work as and when they need to, together, or alone. The coworking space is a place where people come together to work, be they digital nomads, freelancers or simply “teleworkers”. Coworking allows for productivity and innovation that is not possible from home, without all the trappings of having to rent an office on a monthly basis. The key word for coworking is flexibility. We know that most people don’t need an office for an entire week, so we offer coworking day passes Chicago and coworking half day passes Chicago, allowing you to come and go as your work demands it, freeing you from the cubicle, in a fresh, dynamic space, alongside like-minded people in your coworking space Chicago.
Coworking is a trend set only to continue, and this is nowhere more true than in Chicago. Coworking Chicago is currently undergoing a rapid transformation, in places like 1871 and Chicago’s startup incubators. The coworking company WeWork is also spreading across the city, as are many other coworking companies Chicago like it. The demand for coworking space in Chicago Fulton Market has rocketed up due to the explosion in millennial workers looking to get in on the coworking Chicago phenomenon. Coworking spaces Chicago in Fulton Market are therefore immensely popular, a popularity that Beewake is capitalising on, and providing a great variety of coworking spaces Chicago in Fulton Market.

Different Coworking Space Brands in Chicago

It can be difficult to know where to start looking, when faced with such a large and diverse city as Chicago. Recognisable brands can be a good place to start. These national (and often international) chains of coworking spaces in Chicago offer a comfortable regularity. You know where you are, and you know how it all works. A coworking company chain in Chicago will offer you all the comforts of home, wherever you’re from. The following is a selection of some of the most popular and well known coworking companies to grace Chicago’s streets:

  • 1871 Coworking space Chicago

A coworking space in Chicago born and bred, and even named after the great fire that almost completely destroyed the city in the year 1871. The space is run in the spirit of the survivors of the fire, who rebuilt the city from the ground up. The 1871 serves to support the growing culture of startup companies in Chicago. Here you’ll find everything you could want in a coworking space in Chicago.

  • WeWork Coworking space Chicago

WeWork is a globe spanning organisation with coworking spaces in Chicago. 

  • Make Offices Chicago Cheap

Are the best coworking spaces in Chicago a little outside your budget? If a coworking space in Chicago’s price is concerning you, perhaps you should consider a cheap coworking space in Chicago. You may even find a coworking space in Chicago free to use, you’ll be surprised by the wealth of coworking spaces in Chicago with cheap prices. In fact, coworking spaces in Chicago cost on average little more than $30 for a whole day’s work. A very reasonable price tag, considering the product on offer: the opportunity to station yourself in the Midwest’s regional capital. Normally, one might associate coworking spaces in Chicago’s cheap rates with an inferior product, but these really are some of the best coworking spaces, not only in the Midwest, but in the whole US, with extensive facilities and convenient locations, in Chicago’s many districts.

If you’re looking for a cheap coworking space, Chicago’s got you covered. This is a city which will give you all the benefits of being in the metropolitan United States, without the sometimes exorbitant price tags of New York or San Francisco. A station in one of the coworking spaces we offer in Chicago starts at just $20 for the whole day! A very small price to pay for the opportunity to position yourself in a coworking space in Chicago among some of the most dynamic and driven people to call the city home. Even some of the most in demand coworking spaces in Chicago come at a relatively low price compared to the facilities available to you, like phone cabinets, video projectors, access to a shared kitchen with microwaves and fridges, and of course, coffee included in the price of your cheap coworking space in Chicago.

Perhaps you’re even looking for a free coworking space in Chicago. Many coworking spaces in Chicago offer free sample days. If you’re not sure which cheap coworking space in Chicago you want to work in, a sample day for free in a coworking space in Chicago might be just what you need, to give you peace of mind that the product you’re paying for is genuine and that it’s a comfortable environment to work in.

  • Coalition coworking space Chicago, Impact coworking space Chicago, Coworking Space 60654 Chicago,  -River North – Brown and Purple Line

Take, for instance, this cheap coworking space in Chicago. It will cost you just $20 to have a workstation in this cheap coworking space in Chicago. A small price to pay for access to a kitchen corner fully equipped with a fridge and microwaves, phone booths, and even a balcony. Not only is this cheap coworking space in Chicago well equipped, but it is also incredibly well connected: sitting right on top of the brown and purple lines, putting it right in the centre of Chicago, and linking it to extensive regional and national rail systems.

Coworking space Chicago Daypass

The beauty of the coworking space in Chicago is the ability to come and go as you please, to work in the city just when you need to. The coworking day pass in Chicago facilitates this. It allows you to decide your hours, and maximise your productivity by working at the time that suits you. If you’re looking to work in Chicago among some of the brightest and most dynamic people in the world for a day, or even just a half day, we’re the people who’ll get you exactly the coworking day pass in Chicago that you need.

Here at Beewake, the day pass is our speciality, and in a daily coworking space in Chicago the day pass will give you the freedom you’ve been yearning for to come and go to your daily coworking space in Chicago as you please. That means that you pay only for the time you spend at work. You won’t have to waste money on monthly office rental. A coworking daypass Chicago lets you be where you want to be, when you need to be there, be that in a cheap coworking space in Chicago, a free coworking space in Chicago, a coworking space in Chicago’s suburbs or a coworking space in Chicago for Chicago startups, you’ll find them all here. 

Maybe even the Chicago day pass isn’t flexible enough for you, well fret not. Here at Beewake, we offer the rental of workspaces in daily coworking spaces in Chicago by the half day, and even by the hour! If you need to get about in Chicago, and only need a daily coworking space in Chicago for a couple of hours, you can do just that here! Simply choose the desired time slot and click reserve! Don’t see the time slot you require? Just ask one of our dedicated customer service team on the live chat, or give us a call. We’ll make sure the space is flexible to your needs and do our best to give you the exact time slot you want. 

In which neighborhood of Chicago find the best coworking spaces

Chicago is a big place, and finding a coworking space in Chicago in the right area might seem like a nearly impossible task, but with our refined search tool, you can search on specific streets and receive results perfectly tailored to you. We offer coworking spaces in Chicago right across the city. From Grant Park, to coworking spaces in Fulton Market Chicago, and even coworking spaces in Chicago’s suburbs. Wherever you need to find a coworking space in Chicago, you can bet that you’ll find it here. In such a large city as Chicago, the number of areas, districts and boroughs can at first seem overwhelming, but with our handy search feature, you’ll be able to pin down the exact coworking space in Chicago, in the exact area of Chicago that you want. 

  • Fulton Market Chicago

Fulton Market is seen by many as Chicago’s coolest neighbourhood, and it’s easy to see why. Fit to burst with trendy cafés and restaurants, a coworking space in Fulton Market Chicago, puts you right amongst all the action. 

  • Coworking Space Chicago Suburbs

For those people who like to escape the crowds and the rush of the big city, Chicago has on offer some coworking spaces in Chicago’s suburbs, the great urban sprawl that extends far away from the city itself. A coworking space in Chicago’s suburbs would be perfect for you, if you live or work in the outskirts of the city, and don’t want to waste time with all the hustle and bustle, or even if you’re based in the city, and just fancy a break.

  • Shared Office Space Chicago West Loop

The West Loop is a high end district of Chicago, located to the northwest of the the historic centre. The area is known for its restaurants, bars and boutique hotels. Shared office space in Chicago’s West Loop is a great means for you to position yourself in Chicago’s most exclusive district

  • Chicago startups

Chicago has no shortage of coworking spaces in Chicago on offer, and many of them are tailor made with startups in mind. Take, for example, 1871, a technology and entrepreneurship incubator located in the city, which provides mentoring for emerging startups that pay a membership fee. Chicago startups have been made to feel very welcome in the coworking spaces of Chicago, with Chicago tech hubs and incubators, the city is positively bursting with opportunities for innovative new tech companies looking to make it big the windy city. The sheer number of providers of coworking spaces in Chicago is mind-blowing, from WeWork (LINK) to Serendipity Labs (LINK), the Midwestern capital really has it all. If you’re looking for a coworking space in Chicago for your tech startup, or a coworking daypass in Chicago, fret not! You will find it here!