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BFM Business - What's Up New York

March, 30th 2016 – Jeremie Catez, President of Beewake, was invited by BFM Business on the TV set “What’s Up New York” to present Beewake.

Figaro Live

February, 20th 2017 – Sebastien Trouillet, CEO of Beewake, was invited by Le Figaro Live to introduce Beewake

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Maddyness - Beewake, l’app qui permet de réserver des espaces vacants à la journée

March, 23td 2016 – Beewake a été élue meilleure application de la semaine par les lecteurs de Maddyness.

Maddyness - Les 4 apps de la semaine

March, 26th 2016 – Maddyness propose tous les mercredis une sélection de quatre applications mobiles à découvrir pour (presque) finir la semaine. […]
Beewake est une nouvelle place de marché permettant de réserver à la demande des espaces en journée tels que des chambres d’hôtel, des salles de réunion ou encore des bureaux dans des espaces de co-working.

Skift - 5 New Travel Startups Making Business Travel Stress-Free

April, 18th 2016 – Beewake lets business travelers book daytime meeting space in hotel rooms, co-working spaces or other office spaces for short periods of time. - The new frontiers of hotel revenue management

April, 19th 2016 – Is the hotel revenue management model broken? A conversation between ALICE App and the founder of Beewake. - 3 Technologies to Watch from HITEC 2016

July, 12th 2016 – Beewake is a mobile app looking to end the stigma of booking hotels by the hour. It enables consumers to book daytime hotel space to function as a temporary office, meeting room or co-working environment. - Beewake is officially launching its operation in the U.S

August, 12th 2016 – The New York and Paris based startup is officially launching their service in New York City and in Paris. The mobile application is available for iOS and Android, and a merchant website will be available in the upcoming months.

Condé Nast Traveler - How to book a hotel room by the hour without looking shifty

June, 23rd 2016 – This app-based service (iOS, Android) is built primarily for the business traveler and offers spaces to work and stay across the US, London and Paris. Pick your need—a desk to work at, a meeting room to use, or a room to spend part of a day in.

Alley - NYC Startup Beewake is Tapping into This Market to Create Work Spaces Everywhere

August 28th, 2016 – The amount of empty spaces with a comfortable chair and Wi-Fi are so numerous, yet unfortunately rarely utilized.

Hcareers - Beewake changing the industry with app-enabled bookings for daytime hotel use

Sept 6 – 2016 – Space is a precious commodity, especially for an increasing number of single-day business travelers, who seek a place to hold meetings, freshen up or decompress during a layover or in-between flights.

Startup pitch: Beewake helps hotels sell out rooms in increments to business travelers

November 9th, 2016 –  As of 2015, many properties started renting hotel rooms effectively by-the-hour, instead by the day. New startup Beewake believes it can leverage this opportunity. It lets travelers book daytime space at hotels to use as meeting rooms, office space for single-day use, and a place to nap.

LA Times - Will 2017 will be the year of magical travel? With low airfares, a boffo new concept in hotels and bargains, signs point to yes

January 1st 2017- Renting by the hour- That doesn’t sound nice, but it is nice. Hotels, which rarely run completely full, are always looking for new sources of revenue, and here’s one way that’s growing in popularity: day rooms.

These day-use rooms give weary travelers a chance to clean up, nap or work, said Jeremie Catez, who, with Sebastien Trouillet and Gabriel Munch Andersen, founded

If you’re going on a cruise, for instance, and you’ve taken a red-eye to your port, you could rent a room, get refreshed and relaxed and make it to the port feeling like a million bucks. It costs less than paying for a hotel room for a night you’re not going to use.

Le Figaro - Beewake veut être le Airbnb des bureaux à partager

April 19th – Pour une réunion, une formation ou un jour de télétravail, cette start-up propose de nombreux espaces de coworking.

Numa - Beewake facilite le travail nomade dans les entreprises

March 30th 2017 – Beewake facilite le travail nomade dans les entreprises