Improve the organization and mobility of your teams work in a more flexible, agile and user-friendly way!

Beewake is a SAAS platform that allows to manage flexible workspaces :

flex-office, home office, coworking space...

#1 Define

a tailored mobility policy

  adapted to each employee


#2 Deploy

an intuitive mobility management

  solution for all teams


#3 Pilot

in real time and adjust the mobility plans

of each employee thanks to the data


A centralized management for all mobility and workplace scenarios


of employees
want more

Increase your attractiveness with new talents, increase the loyalty and productivity of your teams while optimizing your real estate resources

Telework, Telecommuter, Flex-office, Third-places, Coworking, Corpo-Working, Mobile workers, Road warriors, Working remotely, Agile organization ...

Whether you are a Startup, an SME or a Large corporation Beewake for Business solution allows you to better manage the mobility of your employees while optimizing and simplifying the workplace management of your company.

A solution for all employees

Foster the flexibility of your employees and increase their productivity by allowing them to work remotely in the most suitable workplace according what they have to achieve.

Sedentary employees doing
thinking or back office tasks (IT
developers, administrative staff ...)

Managers, team coordinators,
project managers, meeting planners...

Social and Innovation teams
(HR, Marketing,
Communication, Digital, R&D ...)

Nomadic and hyper-mobile
employees (C levels, Directors,
Sales, Consultants ...)

A workplace flexibility management platform for the company

Simple, intuitive and effective management interface

Dashboard, Data and Reporting

Integration / compatibility with your IT and real estate eco-systems

Controlling budget and access rights at 100%

Risk management

An ergonomic interface for your employees

Easy access: Website and mobile application

Curated and certified workspaces

Customized interface for each employee

Supports all mobility scenarios

(home office, coworking spaces,

access to all company workspaces, flex-office ...)

Dedicated customer service (Chat, mail, phone)

Why you won't be able to work without Beewake for Business anymore !

HR innovation and improvement of
quality of life / well-being at work

Improving productivity, reducing absenteeism increasing the attractiveness of your company reducing the turnover rate

Optimized real estate resources management

Beewake simplifies and optimizes the daily management of your real estate resources by adjusting it with the mobility of your employees.

Enhanced corporate culture

Promotes collaboration within your company while promoting the spirit of intrapreneurship. Strengthens the sense of belonging and crystallizes your corporate culture in connection with the use of your own workspaces.