Beewake for business

Flex-office solution as a service.

Empower your employees and increase their productivity by enabling them to work remotely anytime and anywhere.

Telework, telecommuter, Flex-office, Third-places, Coworking, Corpo-Working, Nomadic workers, working remotely, agile organization ...

Whether you are a Startup, an SME or a Large corporation Beewake for Business solution allows you
to better manage the mobility of your employees while optimizing and simplifying the property management of your company.

Business - Trouvez les meilleurs endroits

Quick and intuitive search process

  • Book your workplace in 3 clicks
  • Mobile App to book anywhere
  • More than 2000 premium workspaces available

Flexibility and Customized Management

  • Customized management of user profiles and access policies
  • Simple integration into your IT environment

Improved well-being and

  • Agility and flexibility of your organization is key to your business success

Features built for agile companies

Take advantage of a technology designed to suit the agility of your business and the new way of flexible work

Management Dashboard

Beewake gives you complete control of all activities, access policies, management, billing and personalized mobility / flexibility plans for each team.

Company Integration and IT Compatibility

Beewake fits easily into most IT ecosystems of existing companies: Gmail, Outlook, Office ...
Space Management. Beewake is a simple solution to set up "Plug and play"

Simple and smart reporting

Collect valuable information previously ignored. This will allow you to make smart decisions based on key data of your organization. Control of your budget at 100% & simplified / centralized invoicing

Activate options and customized features

Solution in white label
Integration in your HRIS
Supports all workspaces (work from home, company offices, third-places, implementation of temporary office for projects ... etc)

Features for your Employees

User-friendly and intuitive interface allows your employees to book flexible workspaces at the best places, at the right time

Easy booking, easy access

The Beewake's website and mobile application allow your employees to book in advance or at the last minute the workspace that suits them when they need it.

Curated and certified Workspaces

Your employees will be able to work anywhere in quiet work areas exclusively reserved for professionals: fast and secure wifi, comfortable design...

Beewake's Concierge Service

Beewake customer service is available by chat, mail and phone to help you find the perfect workspace for your meetings, trainings, seminars, team building, project...

Why you won't be able to live without Beewake for Business anymore !

Well-being Improvement & HR Innovation

Improve productivity, Reduce absenteeism, Increase the attractiveness of your company, decrease the turnover rate ...

Optimized Real Estate Management

Beewake optimizes the daily management of your company real estate and fit the mobility of your employees.

Enhanced corporate culture

Promotes collaboration within your company while promoting the spirit of intrapreneurship. Strengthens the sense of belonging and crystallizes your corporate culture in connection with the use of your own spaces.