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Coworking space rental Paris Gare du Nord, coworking by the day in Gare du Nord

The train station Gare Paris-Nord is located in the 10th borough of Paris. It is divided into many administrative districts : St-Vincent-de-Paul, Porte-de-St-Denis, Porte-de-St-Martin and Hôpital-Saint-Louis. Considering the immensity of the station and its high proportion of passengers, coworking spaces would be based in the Paris Gare du Nord. Are the prices affordable? Are the coworking spaces spread equally, around the Gare du Nord? Are they numerous? Is it easy to join them from the Gare Paris-Nord? How to go to Paris Gare du Nord? Despite a bad reputation, is the neighborhood attractive? Is the station adequate for business travellers?

A price for coworking rental, around the Gare du Nord, can go, on average, from 15€ to 80€. The cheapest coworking space is located in the  Saint-Quentin street, at 200 meters from the Gare du Nord. It is within the Ibis hotel Paris Gare du Nord TGV. The most expensive rental costs 414 € and it’s located near Sentier. Therefore, prices in the area around the Gare du Nord are low. They are beneficial, particularly, for small companies and nomadic workers, who search for coworking space in Paris Gare du Nord, in order to work remotely. Remote working develops itself thanks to companies' digitalization functions. Coffee coworking rental in Paris Gare du Nord is adequate for coworking remotely because we can use computers, while drinking a hot drink. Besides, a private office rental could be proposed in coworking spaces, in Paris Gare du Nord. The coworking spaces of Paris Gare du Nord are spread, equally, around the station. But, these coworking spaces rentals are not near the Gare du Nord. So, the offer is limited, within a radius of less than 1km, despite the affordable prices. Other coworking spaces are located between the “Strasbourg-Saint-Denis” and “Châtelet-les-Halles” subway stations. Some of them are coworking desks in Gare du Nord. Other coworking rentals in Gare du Nord are situated towards the Gare de l’Est and in the north of the Gare du Nord.

The Gare du Nord railway station is one of the busiest railway stations of Europe because it’s possible to go to the North of France and Europe (Great Britain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany). For going to the rail station, several bus lines  stop, thanks to the bus station (lines 26, 35, 38, 39, 43, 45, 46, 48, 60, 91). The lines 2, 4 et 5 of the Paris subway stop too. In addition, they are connected to the RER (B, D et E) and the Transilien (K et H) lines. The Gare du Nord is well-served because you can go to the airports and other SNCF railway stations, thanks to numerous transportation lines. In 2025, the CDG Express shuttle will link directly the Gare de l’Est rail station to the Charles-de-Gaulle airport. Likewise, the Paris-Est railway station is accessible by subway (lines 4 or 5) or by foot. But, its accessibility will be improved in 2024, when a pedestrian underpass will be built, between these 2 stations. Transferring passengers will avoid getting lost in the neighborhood and will gain some time.

The 10th borough suffers from a bad reputation, owing to insecurity, notably in the Gare du Nord rail station. Besides, touristic interest is limited because the main historical monuments are not located in this borough. Globally, the neighborhood stays pretty secured. This place attracts, owing to its cosmopolitan character. Besides, rental prices are inferior to those of other boroughs, knowing that this district is well served by public transportation. Besides, it attracts tourists, for several restaurants and hotels.

Some travellers believe the station has poor facilities. Indeed, it is hard to access the station, with luggages, when we come by taxi. Also, we can notice the absence of a Beewake coworking coffee space, office and teleworking rentals. There is only a small office rental. Several foreign business travellers transit here. In order to meet the needs of international tourism, improvement and extension works have been lasting since 2015. They will be finished in 2023.


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