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Meeting rooms by the day in Paris Saint-Lazare, daily meeting room rental next to Saint-Lazare Station in Paris

In love with the neoclassical style? Then let’s go to Saint-Lazare with the Saint-Lazare Station, the Haussmann works, the Madeleine church and the Tronchet street with its personal history. Saint-Lazare is a dynamic place due to the presence of a strong influx of leisure travellers but also due to the growing willingness of nomadic workers and business travellers who are big users: meeting rooms in Paris Saint-Lazare, training rooms near the Saint-Lazare train station, conference rooms in Saint-Lazare or a seminar room in a hotel near the Saint-Lazare train station. More than 450,000 passengers a day use the Saint Lazare station (source:  SNCF). In response to this high demand, many meeting rooms are available in Paris Saint-Lazare to meet the needs of nomadic workers. Depending on the needs arising, the meeting room rental companies in Paris Saint-Lazare diversify their offer. Thus, many training rooms are available to training organisations or private companies in Paris Saint-Lazare, while conference rooms in Paris Saint-Lazare meet the needs of all kinds of individuals.

The rental of meeting rooms in Paris 9 was created to accommodate all workers from Paris and the entire Île-de-France region. The meeting rooms at Paris Saint-Lazare are available on a daily or half-day basis for seminars, conferences, training sessions or team building. There are therefore different types of meeting rooms in Paris Saint-Lazare. Which spaces could meet your needs? Which meeting room in Paris Saint-Lazare is suitable for your budget? Where can you find meeting room rentals in Paris Saint-Lazare? Why choose to rent a meeting room in Paris Saint-Lazare ? Why is Paris Saint-Lazare a recommended location for meeting room rental? How are these meeting spaces in Paris Saint-Lazare served? What are the advantages of renting a meeting room in Paris Saint-Lazare? We will try to answer all your questions through this article. Located between the 8th and 9th districts of Paris, Saint-Lazare is at the center of the Paris region and offers a central location for meeting space rental. This district is famous for its neoclassical architecture but also for the strong presence of department stores including Printemps Haussmann, Galeries Lafayette and Citadium on Boulevard Haussmann (source: Franceinfo) which highlight a fashion and textile activity in Paris Saint-Lazare.

With its 172 years of history, the Saint-Lazare train Station is a monument to the district that attracts the most nomadic workers, who find comfort in the district's ability to be very well served. Paris Saint-Lazare meeting rooms are accessible via metro lines 3, 12, 13 and 14, as well as RER E and Transilien lines J and L. In addition, a large number of buses are available such as 21, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 32, 43, 53, 66, 80, 81, 94 and 95 (source : Wikipédia) so that you can book a meeting room in Saint-Lazare without fear of not being able to access it easily. The meeting rooms in Paris Saint-Lazare are located 17 minutes from Orly airport and 27 minutes from Charles de Gaulle airport by car.  It is obvious that the Saint-Lazare railway station is a transport hub in a very attractive business district, since it attracts new startups, which make it easy to meet in meeting rooms in Saint-Lazare in the French Capital. The Paris Saint-Lazare district is considered a showcase of Paris by its monuments such as the Sculpture Consigne à Vie, the Saint-Lazare Station and the Chapelle expiatoire (source:  Tripadvisor). A large number of fashion companies are present in the Parisian Capital, especially in Saint-Lazare.

The 9th arrondissement of Paris is home to a large number of head offices such as the Covéa group. Some companies wish to find a daytime meeting space in Paris Saint-Lazare. Working in a meeting room in Paris Saint-Lazare means finding yourself in a Haussmann-style building. Choosing a training room rental in Paris Saint-Lazare is to immerse yourself in the neoclassical theme of the neighborhood. Booking a meeting room in Paris Saint-Lazare is a pleasure when you know that after work or during the break, the possibility to visit the Department Stores : Printemps Haussmann, Galeries Lafayettes and Citadium, is just a few steps away from the meeting room. And of course, all nomadic workers have the possibility to travel by train, metro, bus or the main lines to reach the rented meeting room in Paris Saint-Lazare thanks to its famous Saint-Lazare Station, true historical monument.

Now, the choice is yours and your need must be defined. You need to train young entrepreneurs? We can provide you with training rooms in Paris Saint-Lazare. You wish to hold a conference with your team on various subjects? We can offer you a wide range of conference rooms in Paris Saint-Lazare at more than attractive prices. Some meeting rooms which are more and more atypical than others are offered to you and those despite the scarcity of space in Paris. All tastes are catered for, as there are also modern meeting rooms around the Saint-Lazare train station. We want to meet all your needs, provide you with the necessary equipment and provide you with outstanding working conditions. Paris Saint-Lazare is the not-to-be-missed and experienced place with its meeting room rental for all workers in the Paris region and beyond. Thanks to its easy and diversified access, the Saint-Lazare Station allows anyone to come from another city to hold a conference, a meeting, a seminar for a day in our meeting rooms in Paris Saint-Lazare and leave in complete tranquillity to their home town on the same day. You will be able to invite your employees from different regions of France to a meeting room near the Saint-Lazare Station, to facilitate their travel. The number of nomadic workers is increasing and our proposals for meeting room rentals at the Saint-Lazare Station tries to keep up with this trend.


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